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At one time gratuity was treated as payment gratuitously made by the employer to his employees at his pleasure, but as a result of a long series of decisions of industrial tribunals gratuity has now come to be regarded as a legitimate claim which workmen can make and which, in proper cases, can give rise […]

India Labour Code May Transmute Office Timing – 4 Days a Week

The unexpected arrival of Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) in 2020, the first wave, and then the second wave in 2021 with the start of New Year 2022 with a different variant, sparked a radical shift in workplace culture around the world. The world had to bend down before the deadly pandemic effect of the coronavirus and […]

Supreme Court Judgment in the Matter of ESIC versus Texmo Industries

  In a Special Leave Petition (C.) No. 811/2021 filed in the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, Civil Jurisdiction in the case between the Employees’ State Insurance Corporation, as the Petitioner and M/s Texmo Industries, the Respondent, the Apex Court has given another Landmark Judgment on the contention between parties to the case in SLP that […]

All non-profit services provided by an employer- exempt from GST.

In a current ruling, the Gujarat Authority for Advance Ruling (AAR) said that GST is not applicable on the amount collected from the employees towards canteen charges, which is paid to the canteen service provider. Canteen charges collected from employees will now be outside the gamut of goods and services tax following a tax ruling […]


Taking advantage under Social Security Legislation (EPF) By Amending Income Tax Rules, 1962 By Inserting Rules 9D. NOW its EXEMPT, TAX, TAX (which was Earlier EXEMPT, EXEMPT, TAX – Before 5 years). Organized Sector Employees will be Deprived and Employers will be Hassled by Maintaining Two Accounts (2020-21 – Subsequent Previous Years Calculation of Interest) […]

Code on Wages– Key Features and Highlights

Most businesses have re-examined their payroll systems in light of the new and common definition of ‘wages’ under the newly implemented labour rules to see what impact they will suffer.The new codes were established by Parliament in order to “amalgamate, simplify, and rationalise” existing laws on a variety of topics, including wage payment, minimum wages, […]


The Most Vital Tool to Serve Crying Demand of Changed Global Employment Scenario and Creating Millions of Jobs Labour force across the globe is undergoing a substantial changes its mindset to keep pace with the global changes where specific nine hours duty including rest interval, a century old concepts, is preparing to be replaced with […]


Digitization and Artificial Intelligence is the future of the world feel of which has been globally accepted by people across all walks of life and it would surely be going to have a very prominent, strong and catalyst impact in employment sector too. Our future of work is to be driven by the robotic interference […]